Instant, Paperless, Simple.

Easy online testing Easy online testing

E-SESS is an online assessment engine that truly opens the doors of online testing. With this system, it's easy to:

  • Build an unlimited item bank of assessment tools.
  • Correlate assessment items to unlimited standard sets.
  • Create and deliver online exams.
  • Obtain immediate results as soon as participants finish testing.
  • Access a variety of reports about participants, test questions, standards, and more.

E-SESS makes it easy to test because the exams and tools are all online. No matter where you are you have the tools you need to manage and conduct online tests.

Immediate results. E-SESS provides immediate results for students and teachers. When a student submits the test for grading their final score immediately appears on the screen. This can be a simple raw score with percent correct or it can be a detailed standards performance summary report.

Teachers can instantly access student results in the management system. Results can be individual grades or whole-class performance.

Students respond to online testing

Students respond to online testing. The internet is a familiar environment, which makes online testing a logical format for assessing student knowledge.

Available. It's all available 24/7. Whenever you need it, E-SESS is ready to be used for all of your online testing needs.